Your product will come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Customers can purchase extended coverage warranties for any make & model by clicking HERE. Manufacturer Warranties cover defective parts only and do not include parts worn by standard use (such as tires, belts, clutches, batteries, lights, chains, etc.) or parts damaged from use, accidents, abuse, misuse or improper setup and maintenance of the product. LABOR IS NOT COVERED FOR ANY REASON. Customer must send defective parts in for inspection prior to a replacement being sent. Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from manufacturer
NOTE: Powersport Vehicles require SUBSTANTIAL MECHANICAL SUPPORT to uncrate, setup, operate and maintain. This maintenance is a significant part of the sport and is needed on an ongoing basis. If you are new to the sport, please consider this prior to making a purchase 
ALL VEHICLES ARE SHIPPED IN A CRATE AND REQIUIRE ASSEMBLY. When you purchase a vehicle from us, unless you pay a Licensed Mechanic to assemble the unit or you pay us to assemble your unit, then you will have some assembly ahead of you and need to read your Order Terms. click here to see the Order Terms before placing an order
If you choose to assemble it yourself, a PDI - Pre-Delivery Inspection and FULL maintenance MUST be done, This is required for ALL units and dealerships in the USA. By Saving the cost of the assembly charge you accept the responsibility to do this. This is a REQUIRED step in the Assembly Process. By not doing this step you will be VOIDING YOUR WARRANTY.
It is the customer’s responsibility to register products for warranty WITHIN 5 DAYS OF DELIVERY. The delivery Inspection form (PDI) must also be completed as required by all dealerships in the USA. This is a REQUIRED step in the Assembly Process. By omitting this step you will be VOIDING your warranty. Please click here for Warranty Registration and PDI Forms   
Customers can Ask a Question, obtain Technical Assistance or Request Missing or Damaged Parts by completing a Help Request. Gokarts USA will assist the customer in obtaining warranty coverage from the manufacturer if necessary. Upon reviewing your Help Request, our staff may direct you to submit a Warranty Claim Request Customer must ship the defective or damaged part to manufacturer first before a replacement will be sent.
Parts returned will be inspected and if deemed defective, will be repaired or replaced at Manufacturer's option. Customer shall be responsible for shipping charges both to and from the Manufacturer. We will contact you with the shipping charge prior to ordering parts under an approved warranty claim. Parts deemed not defective or not covered under warranty shall be discarded or shipped back to the customer upon payment of shipping fee by customer. customer can purchase a part at any time.

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